• Diaspora Cotton Bag The Conservator

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    This image was taken from the Scottish Diaspora Tapestry panel NL04 - Veere, Netherlands and stitched by Marijke Mica-Leerhouwer, Tineke Nieuwenhuyse-Taal, Mart Adriaansens, Sylvia van Dam Merrett-van Lynden.

    An appointed Conservator of Scottish Privileges in the Low Countries acted as the head of the Scottish community in the Netherlands.  His Badge and Honour featured the Scottish thistle and the famous motto, No-one Strikes Me with Impunity.  Flanking the Conservator's arms are the first and last holders of that office, George Gordon (1541) and Sir James Crauford (1799).  Most Scots left Veere after the French invaded during the Revolutionary Wars.  Veere's town hall houses a painting of all the ships which entered the port in 1651, one of which was the warship St Andrew, depicted here in the bottom right.

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    Diaspora Cotton Bag The Conservator

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