• The White Rose and the Thorn Tree

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    This tale begins the moment young Roderick MacDonald meets Bonnie Prince Charlie on the beach at Eriskay and ends with him reminiscing with a journalist in the USA in the evening of his life.  Much of that life is shared with the virtuous and endearing Anne Trotter, keeper of The Tappit Hen public house in Edinburgh when they first met, and as his wife when they flee together for their lives after Culloden.  Roderick's insights are those of a youthful idealist but as the Prince's constant companion and frequently his trusted messenger.

    They experience the horrors of the struggle between The Prince's Jacobite followers and the supporters of The Union and King George II - from July 1745 till April 1746.  Yet they are not the only raconteurs.  Major John Whittle has been seconded to Sir John Cope's army to send intelligence back to London on the campaign's progress and does so with considerable understanding of the difficulties the redcoats face at Prestonpans.

    With the exception of these fictitious characters, the novel takes great care to depict the real life adversaries as they were and because of this the book is not only an enthralling tale but a truly authentic education as well.

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    The White Rose and the Thorn Tree

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