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    Written by Sharon Dabell, author of A Backward Glance and The Onward Journey, this story breathes life into one of the most volatile periods of Scotland's history and tells the story of those who must survive in one of the most dangerous places in both countries.  It is a time and a place where honour and duty are matched against choices that mean life or death for those involved.

    The year is 1547 and it is the time of the Rough Wooing.  The English Duke of Somerset is poised to send his armies north of the Border to wage war on the Dowager Queen Marie of Scotland and force the marriage of the infant Mary Queen of Scots to the boy king Edward VI of England.  The decisive battle of Pinkie Cleugh looms large on the horizon; the result of which will have dire consequences for all.

    On the English Borders a girl born to the Reiving gentry is faced with another forced marriage which will catapult her into a Border feud, the ferocity of which mirrors that of the Scots and the English.  Will Elizabeth Fenwick find an escape route from a dynastic union to a man she fears?  And if she does how will the turbulent times in which she lives affect her search for a place of safety and a new life?  Life in the Borders was already perilous but with hostilities between the two countries at a peak, danger is never far from home.

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    A Border Union

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