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    A novel written by Baron of Prestoungrange looking back on the life of William Grant, Baron of Prestoungrange in 1745, a spectacular history now brought up to date by the current 14th Baron of Prestoungrange.

    William Grant might well be an ardent upholder of The Union in 1745 as Baron of Prestoungrange, but his mistress Anne Stewart is an equally ardent Jacobite.  Together they survive the dangerous months when Bonnie Prince Charlie claims the British throne for his father winning a stunning victory close by William's lands at Prestonpans.  The aftermath of the '45 finds Anne in exile with their son James whilst William as Scotland's Lord Advocate must prosecute her friends and as Union MP destroy the powers of Clan Chiefs and his own as Baron.

    William's marital life at Prestoun Grange is calmly presided over by his artistic wife Griseldine, who necessarily enjoys herself in William's frequent absence with the artists of Edinburgh.  But she does not neglect the education or the need of fine marriages for their daughters thus eventually enabling William to establish male entail for his estates with the Suttie family which lasts till 1997.  In that year William's wish to discover how that entail fares is granted as he encounters the next and 14th Baron who is both ensuring the town's history is collated but also honoured, to Griseldine's great delight, through the arts.  Anne adds to the excitement when she rejoins them to celebrate the return of Scotland's own Parliament.

    By 2009, a spectacular history now brought up to date, it is the turn of the 14th Baron to wonder how his entail might fare as he takes his leave!

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    A Barons Tale

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